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We are 16 years old, on the eve of adulthood, our logo has changed and our website will change soon. In line with the challenges of the age, our organization has undergone a significant transformation. Compared to the initial tumbles, we try to meet the challenges of the age. We are trying to help the career orientation of young people in even more locations and with an even bigger appearance. The composition of our presidency has changed minimally. A new secretary-general will bring the tasks together with a youthful approach.

dr-univ István Komáromi. Social Chairman
Dr. Géza Györki Ph.D. - Managing Chairman
Sándor Rab - General Vice President
Attila Miskolczi - Vice President of Sports
László Harsányi -Military Vice President
dr. Ervin Jávor - Legal Director
dr. Sándor Kovács Associate Professor - Director of Education
Zoltán Bóné - Director of International Relations
Dr. Zoltán Zöllei - Theoretical Training Director
József Pál - Audit Director
Ádám Madaras - Director of Communications

Latest news

Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff Day staff meeting


On the occasion of the Armed Forces Planners' Day, the Headquarters of the Hungarian Defence Forces Force Planning Group Headquarters held a ceremonial meeting on Wednesday, September 1, in the Stefánia Palace - Honvéd Cultural Centre in Budapest.

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Dr. Ákos Kriza is deceased


We are shocked to announce that on January 18, 2021, after a long-term illness, we lost our former member of the mayor of Miskolc, Dr. Ákos Kriza.

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IPA family day


The Hungarian Section of the International Police Association Heves County and the Association of Law Enforcement Trainers are organising an IPA Family Day on 13 May 2017 from 10-18 hrs.

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Honorary presidential foreword

Honorary Presidential Prologue

In the early 1990s, as the Chief Captain of Pest County, I thought that in addition to my several degrees, I would also graduate from the College of Police Officers with a degree in Public Security, so that I would not be one-sided in law enforcement knowledges, not only in reconnaissance, operational and organizational work, but  in the „uniformed street” work to be trained.

As a result, I later compiled a list of the knowledge that could be taught in other schools as a pre-training. I contacted the management of the deservedly world-famous University of Gödöllő to accredit a completely new degree, human resource manager with a degree in home affairs. University professors immediately became partners, but those working in police education were afraid I wanted to take their bread. It was not an easy battle to understand during the accreditation process that it was nothing more than improving efficiency. After all, the RTF can deal better with privileged professional knowledge (eg team service, investigation, reconnaissance, etc.) if applicants are already trained in other topics. Together with the professors, we thought that, for example, knowledge of business administration, youth protection, criminal law, psychology, criminology, communication, human rights, computer science, leadership, or other knowledge could be acquired in a “civilian” location. It's like language teaching: law enforcement schools don't have to teach basic der, die, das, but police measures! It was not easy, but in the end the course could be introduced uniformly to all universities across the country by government decision. We won! The result was multiple oversubscriptions. And those who did not go into police úlcareers at work, in life or in the security industry received knowledge and a crime prevention approach that could be put to good use by local governments.